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    JS CS3 search metadata

    John.Kordas Level 1

      Hi All,


      I'm sure someone here had posted this great code to parse a files metadata.


      function parseMetadata(xmp, tag) {
                              var re = new RegExp('<' + tag + '>(.+)</' + tag + '>');
                              var m = xmp.match(re);
                              if (!m) {
                              re = new RegExp("<[^:]+:" + tag + ">(.+)</[^:]+:" + tag + '>');
                              m = this.xmp.match(re);

                              return (m ? m[1] : '');

      var xmp = activeDocument.xmpMetadata.rawData;

      var myTag = parseMetadata(xmp, "rdf:li");

      The problem I'm having is I'm adding "TAG" to the to the keywords field, and as it's sitting in the tree as shown below I am only getting the first instance of the rdf:li tag which is <rdf:li>8</rdf:li>.






      I thought I might be able to use the exec() to return a true or false but i'm just getting undefiend in the script console.


      function parseMetadata(xmp, tag) {
                                  var re = new RegExp('<rdf:li>TAG</rdf:li>');
                                  return re.exec(xmp);



      Any suggestions?



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          Paul Riggott Level 6

          You can get the keywords with....

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            Parsing metadata is not as simple as that function   "rdf:li"  is used all over the place for list items there may be multiple elements in a  list item and more then one list item as well as more then one list. I just open a raw file that has no keywords and extracted the metatdata and looked for rdf:li found data like this:

                  <rdf:Description rdf:about=""












                           <rdf:li>0, 0</rdf:li>

                           <rdf:li>255, 255</rdf:li>










            There are no keywords for this image but you parse function found my name..."McAssey"

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