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    Help with Flash 8 actionscript

      I'm using Flash 8 on a Mac. I've created a flash intro for my website and I want it to play when people type in my URL. Once the movie has played, I want it to switch directly to my Dreamweaver home page so that users can navigate within that page. I've published the Flash movie and renamed the Flash html file to index.html and set my home page as home.html within Dreamweaver.

      In flash, I've created a blank keyframe at the end of my movie and am trying to enter the actionscript that will link to my home page URL. I've typed the following action:

      function gotoMySite () {
      getURL(" http://www.cds-group.net/home.html", "_self");

      The movie loads fine on the browser, but stops with a black screen at the end. It does not proceed to the home page. Can you help me put in the right actionscript for this method? I've searched the web, but cannot pinpoint an answer. I do not want the user to have to click a button to proceed to the home page if possible. In other words, I want it to appear seamless.

      I look forward to your reply and am very anxious to find a solution to my problem. Can anyone help me?