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    Formula to Filter View in Table

    Mallard27 Level 1

      I am trying to create a form that will filter the view depending on what is entered into a Field "Rev". I am using a button to execute this.


      I have a table with several columns and the the row is set to "visible (screen only)". The first row cell is for the revision letter. The Table is called "instructions_table" and the row count starts as one and is called "instructions". The row count can increase with the push of a button.


      I would like to write a forumula that evaluates the "Rev" field to see if it matches the "instructions" row cell 1 revision letter. If it matches, I want to change the properties of the row to "visible" so that it will print and not just be visible on the screen.


      Example: Field Rev = A. 3 rows in instructions_table. First row cell 1 has revision Letter NC, second row cell 1 has revision letter A, and third row cell 1, revision letter B. In this example, when I click the button, I want to change the properties of row 2 to "visible" instead of "visible (screen only)". What then prints is just row 2 (note that I have the header row set to "visible" so that it prints no matter what).