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    Fix or Edit not working in Elements 9 - help


      Hi Everyone,


      I'm new to Elements so am not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if my program is not working properly. I downloaded PSE 9 last week and went in last night to open up some raw files (my first attempt at shooting raw). I had no problem getting them into the organiser and the first photo I went into Fix and selected Edit full and it opened up the editing program no problem. However, after I closed the photo I couldn't get back in to the edit mode (no matter which photo I tried). If I got out of Elements and went back in and try to select edit from the home page Elements closed down on me.

      I found that if I restarted my computer I could then get into the edit section with no problem but the same thing happened - I could only go in and work on one photo and when I closed that photo I couldn't get back in. I minimised all my open files and program in case it was lurking somewhere on my desktop behind everything but no luck. Had to restart my computer again.


      What am I doing wrong!!!??


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.