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    Could not find the ColdFusion component or interface


      I don't know what else to try.  I have created a fully functional ORM CRUD application that is working perfectly when I have the mapping cfc located in the root folder with the index.cfm file that is using it.  However, as soon as I move the mapping cfc into the "ORM" folder that is in the root folder and add the cfclocation attribute all I ever get is that it can't find the component or interface.  To make sure that it works and I don't have any strange errors I have (in the index.cfm file) instanciated it using createObject with a path of "orm.HistoricalEvents" and then dump it to the screen and that works just fine as well.  Below is my setup and directory structure.  If anyone has any suggestions i would love to hear them.  I love the ORM capabilities and want to use them but I don't want to have a pile of mapping cfcs just sitting in the root folder.



      Windows 7 Enterprise, 64 bit

      IIS 7.5

      File Directory/IIS Physical Path: C:\WebDev\DevGamma

      Virtual Directory under IIS Default Web Site: /DevGamma

      ColdFusion Developer Edition > Standard Installation > All IIS Websites

      ColdFusion Directory Location: C:\ColdFusion9

      CFIDE Directory Location: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\CFIDE



      Folder Structure:









              this.name = "CF/1 Application Generator16";
              this.version = 1.0;
              this.datasource = "fw1testdsn";
              this.sessionmanagement = true;
              this.ormenabled = true;
              this.ormsettings = {




      component persistent="true" table="HistoricalEvents"
          property name="EventID" fieldtype="id" ormtype="int" generator="identity";
          property name="EventDate" ormtype="date";
          property name="EventTitle" ormtype="string" length=250;
          property name="EventLocation" ormtype="string" length=50;
          property name="EventType" ormtype="string" length=30;
          property name="EventRating" ormtype="short";
          property name="IsPositiveEvent" ormtype="boolean";




      <cfset data = EntityToQuery(entityLoad("HistoricalEvents"))>
      <cfdump var="#data#">



      If anyone needs more information please let me know.  If you have any suggestions please send them my way.  I want to use ORM but this is killing me and is a deal breaker if I can't get the cfclocation thing to "see" my components.  Thanks!