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    Failed to create TRS file?

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      Hello all,


      We have an automated build for our Help system, in which Final Builder checks the files out of source control and then calls up RH 8 to build our projects. This is all done locally (FB, source control, RH) to the build machine.


      (I also manually build our .CHMs when needed. This is done locally on my own machine.)


      I'm encountering the following error message on one of our child projects when it's run by command line on our build machine:


      Error: Failed to create TRS file. Please use RoboHelp to recover the project.
      Unexpected Error: Failed to prepare single source data for RHCL. Please try to compile it in RoboHTML.


      This project works perfectly on my system - I can manually open it and generate the CHM. This error only seems to occur when it's run via the command line in Final Builder. This is also the only project this occurs on.


      I've tried googling a bit on .trs files (is this even correct?). There's none in the problem project...but then there's also none in any other project (which all compile fine, both manually and by command line), although it looks like it may be a temp file, which may explain why there's none.


      I'm at a loss here as to what's missing or wrong with this project - I've compared my local system to the source control's, and there's no differences between the files (i.e. there's no folder or file that's on my system but not in source control). Nor are there any obvious (to me) differences between this project and the others, and I don't know enough about this file to know what 'parent' files or folders to look at to see why it's not generating.


      Anyone have an idea what exactly the .trs file is, and what might cause a project to be unable to build it?