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    Flickering Lines/ Text

    glaustin Level 1

      Hi Guys

      I don't know the technical term, but I'm trying to create the effect, often used where a child's drawing or supposed writing is used, where the fill and lines/ edges kinda flicker and squiggle. Can anyone tell me the type of filter used or plug-in or if there's a tutorial out there?




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          That used to be popular with the old Vector Paint effect pre-CS5 (hence the many complaints about its demise), but depending on what you are after, you could use the Scribble effect or things like The Wiggle Paths modifier for Shape layers plus a ton of distortion filters in combination with other tricks (some examples here) to produce painterly looks. also check the blueprint/ chalk tutorial on VideoCopilot. It exactly covers this topic.