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    Video Sharing Solution (like YouTube)


      We have a community web site and am looking for a ColdFusion video solution. What we are looking to do is implement a "YouTube" style application where users can upload and manage their videos on our site. Other users can rate them and also comment on them. Also need to be able to create "channels" for our users and advertisers/sponsors. We would also like the ability to add pre-roll video ads from our advertisers if necessary. We currently run CF9 and have a SQL 2005 backend. We also have Flash Media Server and a commercial FlowPlayer license. Does anyone have a recomendation for this? I have found some PHP solutions out there (e.g. http://clip-bucket.com/) but no CF solutions. We would even be looking for a potential contractor that would have experience in this if no existing solution is available. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated!

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          Fernis Level 3

          I bet these kinds of applications are now appearing like mushrooms in the autumn forest, since Internet Video is now the Word.


          I'm quite unsure if ColdFusion based video/webTV applications exist, but I'm currently working on one, full-time, as a partner in a startup.

          We're using FlowPlayer as well, but Wowza Media Server instead of Adobe's (to provide wider options for streaming formats (mobile devices), and cost-reasons too).


          I've already constructed an application which allows file uploads, generates video thumbnails, transcodes to several H.264/mpeg2/other streams, etc.

          We're currently at "alpha" stage, while I'm cracking the rest of the Wowza Server API as to manage webTV streams and schedules in real time.


          We're aiming for a full-featured CMS with strong integrated webtv/video features, combined with social features (the like you mentioned), channel branding, advertising, pay-per-view videos, live broadcast support, and the stuff.


          So, at the moment, I cannot give you much further help than "Yes, it's possible with ColdFusion", and yes, I can help you on general level with best practices and such - although I have to remind you again, I have no experience on Adobe's Flash server, just Wowza's.



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            emmim44 Level 1

            You could save the upload media files as binary in cf, and get a jquery star rating and create your comment area on your new app.... you could save money by doing your own compare to spending big dollars. You could do it...