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    Reading a PDF on my Kobo


      I actually had the same issue on my Cruz, but

      now I have a Kobo and am experiencing the same issue.

      I bought a book in PDF format from the Borders.com website.

      I was able to download it and I CAN view/read it on my laptop.

      I have transfered the file numerous times into numerous places on my Kobo,

      but it does not show up as a book.  My suspicion is that it has something to do with the

      licence file.  That is in there, but do they both need to be in a particular place?  I really want

      to read my book, and I know it is in there somewhere.

      I assume my Kobo is authorized as it shows up as a device in my Adobe Digital Editions.

      If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

      I can attach screen shots too if that would be helpful.

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          PDF's show up under the DOCUMENTS.  From the I'M READING screen, look at the small BOOKS * DOCUMENTS above the book you're currently reading.  Scroll up then across using the cursor, then press the center; you will see all your PDF files.  Very confusing the first time.  Note: I transferred various PDF versions of user guides here, using Adobe digital editions (add to library then transfer to Kobo), now I have my cell phone & camera guides with me all the time.  Good luck!