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    about loaded framework files




      Someone very against flex and adobe has argued with me saying that the framework has 6 files larger than 2 MB that are downloaded for a project and that's a lot for a compiled framework. Aren't the files cached into the flash player? Anyway, any link or suggestion to argue this point of view would be greatly appreciated. (another point the was underlined is how slow and unstable is flash builder...)


      Thank you

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          I just took a quick look.  None of the files even exceed 1MB. All summed

          together it is more than 2MB.  The files are cached, but there is always a

          chance that the person using your app doesn't have those files yet and will

          have to download 2MB and potentially the Flash Player as well.


          That's enough to prevent some folks from using Flex, especially on really

          slow networks.  But for most people, the advantages of building apps quickly

          that run well on multiple platforms, and soon, multiple devices, is worth

          it.  Fewer folks are stuck with dial-up and modems these days.