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    Metallic orb with letters on it?




      I'm looking for a way to create a metallic orb with letters on it (something like the spherical printheads used on ancient printers) with AE CS5. Can anyone help with a tutorial or hints on how to do it? I know how to make spheres but I don't get the metallic effect on them.



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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          If you want to have raised letters on this sphere that change perspective as the camera or object moves, the answer is NO.


          It's a project best done in a real 3D application.

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You could probably get close to a sphere with raised letters using Freeform, but metallic means reflections which means raytracing which usually means proper 3d, not AE. Although, you might be able to adapt this tutorial to get some fake reflectivity.

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              varanosh Level 1

              My problem is getting the metallic reflection on the sphere. The letters... well I did a second, slightly larger sphere with "letter" footage and it looks pretty much like what I need (in fact, THOSE got the metallic effect on them but I think its only because they are kind of small). I tried to do something with Blender but it turned out looking like a piece of concrete.

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                varanosh Level 1

                THX, will check it out. Don't know why I didn't look into that one earlier ,)

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I'd create my image map for the sphere inside AE and use the bevel alpha or displacement map effect to simulate the raised letters. I'd also Fake the reflections with smaller solids or other images overlaid on the image map. There are lots of Photoshop tutorials that show you how to fake metallic looking surfaces. Just apply the same techniques in AE (or Photoshop for that matter).


                  If you need to really see a depth on the letters then you'll need to use either a 3D app or a 3D plugin.


                  BTW, I wrote my first 10 documentaries everything else not done with a quill using an Ancient IBM Selectric typewriter. If the typewriter was ancient, what does that make me?


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                    varanosh Level 1

                    Haha! We had some of those spherical printhead printers at school and it was fun to work with them. I've always liked shiny spheres ,).


                    The ones I want to make don't have to look 100% realistic, they are only part of a promo animation I'm doing for a friend. At one point they will explode and send the letters flying around to form the title. Something like that. I think AE and PS will do the job (I'm really scared to get into 3D prgs ,)

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                      bogiesan Level 4

                      Sorry if this has been mentioned already. Don't forget the letterforms must be backwards.