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    Saving from ACR with the highest quality

    southwestform Level 1

      After color correcting and processing in ACR or even Lightroom, does it make any sense to save an image as a .jpg rather than a .tiff or .psd? By saving it as a .jpg isn't the image being degraded where it is not as a .tiff or .psd?



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          Yammer Level 4

          Yes. Not only are you reducing the image to 8-bit resolution, you are also applying compression algorithms which discard detail and can produce unwanted side-effects.


          The best "processed" format you can choose is 16-bit TIFF, as this keeps bit resolution and does not use 'lossy' compression. PSD is an Adobe version of TIFF, which is well-supported but generally less compatible than TIFF.


          If the image is always going to be processed by Photoshop, then PSD is probably the best format, as it offers proprietary advantages over TIFF.