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    need input on laying out spark groups at runtime

    Charan Raj Adobe Employee



      i have this problem and need some inputs on how to address it


      i have two spark groups and each have some children in them. i want to arrange these two groups in particular order.



      <s:Group id="mainContainerGroup>



      <s:BasicLayout />



      <s:Group id="g1">

      <s:Image id="b1_g1">

      <s:Image id="b2_g1">

      <s:Image id="b3_g1">



      <s:Group id="g2">

      <s:Image id="b1_g2">

      <s:Image id="b2_g2">

      <s:Image id="b3_g2">






      during runtime, i layout g1 at some position and i want g2's top to coincide with g1's bottom


      i am laying out g1 and its children in following manner


      g1.top = 0;

      b1_g1.top = 0;

      b2.g1.top = b1_g1.top + b1_g1.height;

      b3.g1.top = b2_g1.top + b2_g1.height;



      now, its time to layout g2 group, when i do this -


      g2.top = g1.top + g1.width;


      i dont get correct behavior, the g1.width value doesnt seem to be appropriate.



      i kind of have one working solution at hand - which is based on location of last element of g1


      g2.top = b3_g1.top + b3_g1.width;


      but this is not an ideal solution because if i keep appending new children to g1 then i need to make sure to update the g2.top accordingly, basically maintenance problem.


      could you please let me know how do one tackle such problem ?