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    Can't delete a PDF on a network drive when someone has it open???


      I am trying to like PDFs and the benefit they provide, but someone please explain to me why a

      file that is meant to be a read-only file, cannot be deleted if someone has it open. Everyone

      has read-only access to this drive where the PDF resides, yet when someone opens it, I cannot delete the file. Why

      is this, and is there a workaround? Or at the very least, the ability to see WHO has it open? I am working with Excel files, and

      it seems much easier to leave it in Excel for this very reason. At least if someone tries to open it, it forces them to open it in read-only

      , allowing me the ability to replace that file, rename it, delete it, whatever. Seems like there has to be a fix. If I publish a PDF to a network drive, and realize there is a mistake, and 50 people have now opened it, are you telling me there is nothing I can do?! Doesn't make any sense. Please help!