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    Flex components on a AS 3.0 project in Flashbuilder 4 ?

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      Hello guys,


      I'm a bit torn here. I own both Flash Professional CS5 and Flash Builder 4.

      As i'm growing into Actionscript 3.0 development i'm trying to find my ground on what program i'd be better off using.


      I like Flash Professional, but find that for now, i haven't got much use for a timeline, I prefer to code everything on stage & I miss the code-window and the assisting tools Flash Builder has for programmers.


      Choosing Flash Builder 4 and learning Actionscript 3.0 i've ended up wanting to create a new Actionscript 3.0 Project .

      Then it occured to me that i'm missing out on all the flex components (like for instance the TextInput control) that are to my disposal when starting a Flex-project.


      Is there a way to gain access and proper use to these components whilst working in Flash Builder on an Actionscript 3.0 project ?


      Another option - I hear you say- would be to get into Flex and MXML, wich scares me a bit, but i've just set my mind to learning AS 3.0 and feel bad about abandoning these plans allready in order to learn another language just yet ?


      Any advice and good tips are more then welcome,

      Thanks for reading,