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    Destinations can only be put in Data-management-config?

    EvolvedDSM Level 2

      I've been developing flex apps with FDS/LCDS and ColdFusion for years now.  I was just starting another project and headed to the old data-management-config file to add a destination when I realized... there must be a dozen destinations in this file!  I felt this was a poor implementation to keep all my important destinations listed one after another in this config file with no real organization.


      So I'm asking the Flex community if there's a cleaner, better way/place to add destinations so my data-management-config file isn't a mile long.  I would even be OK to create a file for each destination and have them included in the data config file if there was a way to reference.  I'd just like a better solution than cramming all these destinations into one file.


      Any suggestions are welcome.