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    APPLESCRIPT dropdown with "enabling group" option

    nicoboss76 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am looking for some help:

      I created a menu consisting of a choice of 5 items. The 5th item is labeled "other"


      This drop down menu has what I call "item1" selected by default.


      I'd like to find a way to program a greyed out Text Box that becomes enabled when (and only when) the item "other is selected from the drop down menu.


      Any hint?

      I have tried many things and it looks like the "enable" option only works with a check/unchek button that actually appears by default when I type in the following:


      set myPublicationList to {"ELLE", "VOGUE", "GLAMOUR", "VANITY FAIR", "W", "other"}

      set myDialogColumn to make dialog column
                      tell myDialogColumn
                          set myDocumentPublicationsOptions to make dropdown with properties ¬
                              {string list:myPublicationList, selected index:0}
                          set myCropMarksGroup to make enabling group with properties {static label:"Crop Marks", checked state:true}
                          tell myCropMarksGroup
                              set myPublicationDatatext to make text editbox with properties {min width:130}
                          end tell
                      end tell


      The back story is that I am creating a custom-made slugging machine – we use many standard publications that I am listing above, but want to leave room for a custome state where we can enter any publication that is not listed.


      Any help is much appreciated!


      Hope this is possible!