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    (RH8) Preserving HTML view changes in WYSIWYG mode?

    jaggedpeak Level 2

      In a previous post, captiv8r (rick) explained how to customize the behaviour of SeeAlso objects -- to make the list of topics appear even if there was only one (rather than jumping straight to that topic, I had to add "<param name=flags value="1">" to the object's code in HTML view.


      And it worked! Yay!


      Now... If I go into WYSIWYG mode afterward (after saving the change) and then switch back to HTML mode, the modification is gone.


      I found an old post (via google) (from 2006 or so) where the suggestion was to make the change in HTML mode, save, load a different topic in WYSIWYG, then return to the original topic. I just tried that, and it didn't work.


      So... the question is -- how (if possible) can I retain my HTML changes if I go in to design mode (without making any changes), even)?