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    Editing a .ffx file

    Jesse Toula Level 1

      Is it possible to edit an after effects preset outside of After Effects? I have opened them up in a couple text editors and they all come up with strange characters mixed with text toward the top of the file, followed by xml at the bottom. If I make any changes to the file, after effects gives an error when applying the preset: After Effects Warning: Reading past end of file. I'm just experiemnting, but is there any text editor or method of making these files into something editable by hand?



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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Not really.


          A piece of under-the-hood information that you might find interesting: .ffx files are very small subsets of the .aep binary project file format.


          The reason that I mention that is partially because a feature request to have us go further with the XML project file format may get us closer to making XML-based items like animation presets, too.


          This is half-speculative talk, but I figured that you, Jess, might be interested.


          Nice work lately, by the way. You're clearly digging into the extensibility parts of After Effects and putting them to good use.