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      I have a pc running Vista.  I have used ADE numerous times but now I get the following message:  Error getting license; Server connection problem  E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED.  Also, when I double click on the acsm file to convert it to epub (or choose 'open with ADE") I get this message:  failed to download content (-472) and the book won't go into my reader library (Sony).  What is going on and how can I fix it?


      I just checked the date, time & time zone on my computer...all good so that is NOT my problem.  Now what?


          I am getting the same error. I've reinstalled it over and over again using different links and different browsers (I have a mac). I've even signed up for a new log in. I don't understand what the problem is but I'm seriously annoyed!

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            rizwan.54 Level 1

            Dear Colleen,


            http://forums.adobe.com/people/boneliaI would like to inform you that  This error is caused by one of, or some combination of, the following three system settings


               1. incorrect clock time.
               2. incorrect date.
               3. incorrect time zone.


            When   you download an PDF or epub, the Adobe activation records timestamp   information from the Adobe activation server. This information is  stored  inside the book. When you attempt to open the book, this  information is  compared to your current system information. If your  system has an  incorrect time/date/time zone, then the activation server  disallows the  request and you cannot read the book.


            Solution ) Carefully check  the machine's system time, date, and time zone they should be correct according to your location.



            I hope this will help you.




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              ColleenJW Level 1

              Yes, I checked those 3 items and my system is correct (always was - didn't

              have to change anything), but I am still having problems.  I downloaded

              Calibre but am not having much luck with it either.  I end up downloading my

              library book a second time and so far the second downloaded acsm file

              converts to epub.  I have NO idea why. Both times I choose "open with Adobe

              Digital Editions".


              Thank you for answering.


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                rizwan.54 Level 1



                To troubleshoot further please delete following folder from your computer.


                C:\Users\UserName\My Documents\My Digital Editions\Restore.


                Now try to authorize Digital Editions




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                  I'm having the same problem in Vista. My time settings are correct, I updated them just to be sure. I deleted the restore folder, and still I can't open any of the $40 worth of books I bought yesterday. I'm incredibly annoyed as Digital Editions are the only format these particular books are available in from the publisher. Please help.

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                    Be annoyed at the situation, but don't take it out on ADE.  Your time

                    settings may be correct, but it's possible that the server that downloaded

                    your ebooks was not.  ADE is checking the two against each other.  I'd

                    contact the ebook site you used and tell them of your problem also.  They

                    may be able to check it out and arrange for another download.


                    Hope this helps!


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                      mtn_storm04 Level 1

                      Thank you, I have an email out to them as well. I'm just annoyed at not being

                      able to read the books I bought.