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    How to change the default "Complete" button?

    ditto9888 Level 1

      At the Initiator step, the Workspace Start Point task, there's a "Complete" button at the lower-right portion of the window for submitting the form.


      How do I change that?

      1) how to change the text "Complete" to something else?

      2) how to add more choices (actions) in addition to the "Complete"?

              I know how to add more choices at the subsequent "User" tasks, but don't know how to do it at the Initiator step.



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          $Nith$ Level 4

          Option 1: You can remove the Complete button and place mulitple buttons on the form as you wish.


          Option 2: Customize the workspace by changing the alc_wks_client_ui.properties file

               ->Seach for key task.action.complete and change the value

               ->Caution: This change will be effect on all other process start points.




          I prefer option1 which is easier and process specific.



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            ditto9888 Level 1

            Thanks for the suggestions, but neither option is what I wanted.


            I don't want buttons on the form, I want the buttons at the bottom outside of the form, at where the "Complete" button is located.

            Like what you can do at the standard "User" task, you can have multiple "action choices" at that location.

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              $Nith$ Level 4

              Just changing the caption of Complete button is a matter of changing the resource file.


              But having mutiple buttons in place of the Complete button requires more customization. Not an easy task!



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                ditto9888 Level 1

                It is rather strange that LiveCycle gives you the feature of having multiple choices/buttons for the User task, but doesn't provide it for the Initiator step.  Why is that?

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                  $Nith$ Level 4

                  Startpoint is to Initiate a process instance. Unlike an Action (which may Approve, Reject, blah blah..) for an assigntask activity, Start is only to start a process.


                  Whatever button you click on the startpoint its going start a process. Then what's the use of it?


                  Do you have any exceptional requirement? Share what you want so that LC experts may guide you with some alternatives..



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                    ditto9888 Level 1

                    Well, in my simple process, the Initiator fills up the form, then,

                    the form either goes to a "Supervisor" (who doesn't approve or reject, he only reviews the form and adds his opinions),

                    or, it goes directly to the "Manager" (who can approve or reject).


                    Now, the business rule says that the Initiator should be able to decide himself,

                    wheather he sends his form to the Approver directly, or sends the form to the supervisor to Review it first.


                    In order to do that, I will have to put some Indicator on the form for him to indicate his intentions.


                    I just thought it would be cleaner to allow the Process/Form designer to define buttons at the place of the "Complete" button.

                    (cleaner, as compared to adding "irrelevant" Indicators on the form;

                    the indicator has nothing to do with the actual content of the form)



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                      $Nith$ Level 4

                      True, this scenario is widely used in most of the workflows. You could have a Check box to skip the Review and move on to the Approval step.


                      It neither be an annoying usage nor it confuses the initiator. If you plan to customize workspace ES for this simple case, you will endup with extraordinary development efforts.



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                        ditto9888 Level 1

                        No, I don't want to customize Workspace.


                        And I don't like to use the Checkbox for this. 

                        As I said, this checkbox is for the Workflow, and the rest of the form is for real data,

                        you mix them together on a form is just not clean IMHO.


                        Annoying or not is not my call, some users think it's not annoying, some think otherwise.

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                          I hate to bump an old thread... but there was no real definitive answer posted and I was wondering if anyone has done this before (or if the original poster came up with a solution that they could share).


                          We're looking to do something similar

                          1. form filler clicks complete

                          2. pop-up appears

                          3. in the pop-up a list of other users appears (e.g. in the original post something like "Supervisor" and "Manager" would be options)

                          4. form filler selects one of these options and clicks OK

                          5. form gets routed to the selected user