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    ItemRenderer issue


      I create a itemrenderer for a list. They stacked display.

      How can set the itemrenderer which clicked by user to the first in the list that user can see all the content of the itemrenderer.

      I mean how can change the itemRenderer depth in a list ?

      I try to control this in itemrenderer click handler:



                              protected function itemrenderer_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
                          trace( "clicked" );
                          if( currentState == 'selected' ){
                               currentState = 'normal';
                               parent.setChildIndex(this, deepInList);
                               currentState = 'selected';
                               deepInList = parent.getChildIndex(this);
                               parent.setChildIndex(this, parent.numChildren-1);
      Error: DataGroup manages its own display objects, and you should not call setChildIndex() directly. To add, remove, or swap items, modify the dataProvider.
           atcom.renderer::MagnifierIR/itemrenderer_clickHandler()[D:\Flex\flex projects\TheERP\src\com\renderer\MagnifierIR.mxml:77]
           atcom.renderer::MagnifierIR/___MagnifierIR_ItemRenderer1_click()[D:\Flex\flex projects\TheERP\src\com\renderer\MagnifierIR.mxml:9]