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    Displaced Art from Illustrator

    Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

      I received a private message and thought I would share it with the forum as I think this is a bug even though I think it has always been this way and I have a work around which should not be needed.


      I read your post about creating an AI file and using it as a logo in Premiere.  That was awesome!  I loved the images you provided too, very nice touch.


      I'm having a problem doing what you did and getting good results.  I have tried to create a "bug" with my logo and phone number to place over my videos that appear on the web.  I do this to protect my material from being "stolen" by someone else.


      I create the AI files with a "film & video" preset (typically "HDTV" 1920 x 1080).  I place the graphics inside the "title safe" zone.   I place them as if they were "on" a video clip.


      I export them as a CS5 AI file.  I import the file into PP, but instead of getting a "full frame" graphic, I get a graphic that is like 1381 x 300.  It isn't retaining the original size... It's like it "throws away" most of the transparency information, and just keeps the info in my lower third region.


      The resulting graphic then comes in the middle of the of the screen and I must reposition it.


      I'm convinced there is a better way to do this... I just can't find out how.


      I would appreciate any assistance or insight you can provide.






      The work around is to draw a rectangle the size of the frame with a stroke and no fill and set the stroke color to "0" opacity. I di not try a n fil no stroke rectangle but that might do as well.


      The save this to replace the video preset.


      Perhaps someone knows a built in method i have over looked and could post it.