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    HHC5007:  Error...

      I am new to using RoboHelp and I have sort of been thrown into it... I had an existing chm file that I had to open and copy to a new one because some of the topics had to be changed. I have been having problems with the buttons that had been created before me... They are Design-Time Controls and they were made into shortcuts that would open .pdf files. Not all of the links will work, but some do... There are new pages that needed to be created and I cannot get the program to recognize the shortcuts I put in. Every time I try to compile my project I get the following errors:

      1. HHC6000: Error: An internal file could not be created. Make certain there is enough disk space on the drive where you are compiling your file. Microsoft HTML Help Compiler 4.74.8702

      2. HHC5007: Error: Fatal navigational compilation error. This is likely the result of an invalid contents (.hhc) file.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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          Brian.Mccaffery Level 1
          Hello Keddybee,

          Welcome to the forum.

          I found 2 things for you to check.

          First, these error messages commonly appear if the heading tags in your HTML files contain any parameters other than the actual headings. For example, this would work:

          <H1>My heading</H1>

          but this wouldn't:

          <H1 align="center" >My heading</H1>

          Second, you'll get these two error messages when the contents file
          is empty, so manually adding a single entry may make them

          Hope this helps,


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            Keddybee Level 1
            Brian -

            Thanks for your help. My heading tags in my HTML files did contain align= "center". Does this mean that all headings have to be left justified? I have approximately 126 HTML files to change before I can see if it worked. I will let you know if it helped. The other thing is that I do not understand what you mean by "the contents file is empty". The files that I am trying to change the shortcut to are new .pdf files that I have just created. they aren't empty because I can open them up with Reader. Or do you mean the hhc file?

            Thanks again! :)

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              MergeThis Level 4
              Heading 1 Style:
              Add the centering (and any other styling) to your Style Sheet (.css files) and use the Multifile Find and Replace to remove the align string from your topics.

              NoSeeUm .pdf Files:
              You must add them (and any other non-htm files) to the Baggage Files folder before RH will recognize them.

              Good Luck,
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                Keddybee Level 1
                Ok... I have made the Heading 1 changes to all of the HTML files. I tried to move all of the files into "Baggage Files" in their folder and it said that the folder already existed. Since some of the files work and others do not, that would cause me to believe that for some reason, the shortcuts are just not responding properly if they are newly entered...

                This is the format of the entry for the "Program to run when the shortcut is activated" is similar to the following:

                Folder_Name\subfolder\File name.pdf

                When the above is either typed in manually or it is put in by using the folder button at the end of the box, it will stay there as long as I do not navigate away from the page.

                Could this problem be due to the fact I am not "activating a program"? Which still begs the question why do some work and others do not? And how can I make necessary changes to existing shorcuts that the file needs to be replaced?

                I am just confused with why this will not work...

                Maybe I will stumble onto something while I am making the changes you had suggested.

                Thanks again for the help!

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                  MergeThis Level 4
                  OK, sometimes RH gets antsy when you try stuffing too many files into baggage (well, OK, sometimes even just one file!).

                  Open the rhbag.apj file in a basic text editor (like Notepad), and enter your files in the same syntax as the ones in there already.

                  Good luck,
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                    Keddybee Level 1
                    Well... one slight problem:

                    You said to "Open the rhbag.apj file"... I don't have one. Or at least I cannot see it. Where do I find it?

                    As I said before, I have been working on getting all of the HTML pages to work (or pinpointing which ones do not). When I compile, I still get the messages that I was getting before. I have a list of all of the fiels that RH has compiled and I am going to try to figure out which files are missing from the list. Maybe this will give some other clues as to the errors.

                    Sorry to be such a pain!

                    Thanks again for all of your help.

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                      Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
                      In the root of your project.

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                        Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                        Hi all

                        Not trying to derail anything here. Trying to clarify.

                        Kelly, I'm sensing a looming question here. Are you using RoboHelp for Word or RoboHelp HTML?

                        Your statement about not seeing the .apj files is making me wonder and giving me pause.

                        Cheers all... Rick
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                          Keddybee Level 1
                          Hi Rick -

                          Thanks for joining in the fun!

                          I am using RoboHelp HTML 9.2 Build 566. Oops! Maybe it would have helped if I told everyone what version I was using. This is the only version I currently have access to...

                          Just to let everyone know, I have figured out how to get the links to work, but I am still getting the errors when it compiles.

                          Still searching for the answers...

                          Thanks for all the help!

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                            Keddybee Level 1
                            Hey there!

                            Still trying to find the answers about the error messages listed in the first post... I just can't seem to figure out what the problem could be! If anyone has any more suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated!

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                              RoboColum(n) Level 5
                              Hi Kelly. What Rick was trying to find out was the interface you were using to create the help. Are you using RH for Word - that is entering all the content in an .RTF file in Word - or using RH HTML which has it's own WYSIWYG and Truecode editor. It sounds like the former. If this is true it could explain your problem. CHM files can only be produced from the RoboHelp HTML application even though the single source layout is available in RoboHelp for Word. Launch the RoboHelp HTML application and generate the output from there.
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                                Keddybee Level 1
                                Hi Colum!

                                I am using RH HTML 9.2 - software came out still under eHelp Corporation. These error messages come up when I click the "Quick Generate" button. The first message (HHC6000) appears at he beginning, which may be in error because I have about 50 GB free space on my hard drive. The HHC5007 error comes up after all of the files are listed. I am sure that there is something wrong with the .hhc file, but I have no idea what. As I have said before, I am not a programmer and do not understand the True Code. Can I delete the existing .hhc file and will RH generate a new one?

                                I am at a loss and I have to get this project completed soon!

                                Thanks for everyone's help!

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                                  RoboColum(n) Level 5
                                  Hi Kelly. I'm still confused as to which of RH application (not version) you are using. Are you editing the source in a Word file (RH For Word) or in a WYSIWYG (RH HTML)? The project's HHC file is where the RH project's TOC is stored. If you delete it you won't have any TOC so don't delete it. Perhaps you can answer our first question though before we go further.
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                                    Keddybee Level 1
                                    Colum -

                                    I am using RH HTML, using the WYSIWYG function with the TOC in the left column. Send me your e-mail address and I can send you a screen shot if it is still not clear what I am using. Sorry for the confusion.

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                                      RoboColum(n) Level 5
                                      I don't think there is any need (yet) for screen shots. We needed to establish whether you were using RH HTML or RH Word as where we go from here determines what to do. If you open up your project's .HHC file in Notepad ( close the project and open it via Windows Explorer) do you see entries for all the PDF files? I also looking back at something you said about "changing the shortcuts to PDFs". It may be worth rebuilding the TOC for the PDFs and see what happens.
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                                        Keddybee Level 1
                                        I opened the .HHC file in Notepad and I cannot see any .PDF files.

                                        Maybe to better explain what has been done...

                                        I have 126 HTML pages that have a centered title, a centered .JPG, and two or three centered icons (buttons) per page. The buttons on each page are linked to a different .PDF file that should open when the button is clicked. If the compiled file is up-to-date all of the buttons work. It seems at times that if the file is not compiled before "RUN" is used, the buttons will not work. To get the program to see the folders where the .PDF files were stored, I had to compile every time I made a change to one of the pages. Each time, the same errors come up.

                                        I do not understand what you mean by rebuilding the TOC for the PDFs.

                                        I really do not mean to be so dense, but as I said before, the person that used to do this left and it was just thrown at me.

                                        Thanks for your help.
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                                          RoboColum(n) Level 5
                                          Don't worry about appearing dense Keddybee. I canbe so dense sometimes that I probably wouldn't notice anyway! We've all started out using RH at some point or other and can readilly emphasise.

                                          By rebuilding the TOC I mean to delete the entries that are currently in the Table of Contents and build it again. You can auto generate the TOC by using the button at its base or manually click and drag topics into it. If you onlyhave 126 topic perhaps this is the best option.

                                          One thought here though. You mention the PDF shortcuts were converted from Design Time Controls. What exactly was done here? Did the TOC entry link to a bookmark? I'm wondering if the TOC is still referencing a old reference?
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                                            Keddybee Level 1
                                            Let's see... When this project was dropped in my lap, some of the pages were already completed and I just copied their pages and made changes to links, etc. The way the "buttons" were added to the HTML pages were as follows: Click Insert, Design-Time Control, select Shortcut. Once the shortcut was added to the page, right click on it and go to Design Time Control Properties. I change the radio button to Image on the Button Tab and select an image to place on the "button". Next, I go to the Shortcut Tab and in the Program to run when shortcut is activated text box, I browse for the PDF file that I want to attach to the "button". Once all of the changes are made to that page, I had to compile so the program would "save" the changes.

                                            This process had worked before because we used it in some software that was created by my company. I am starting to think that there could be excess somewhere in the files and that is what may be causing the errors. I stumbled upon a place in RH that I can print out reports that show what files are included, etc. Would it help if I made sure that all of these are correct and there are no excess ones? There were a few pages that were deleted from the original...

                                            Thanks so much for all of your help and patience!!!

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                                              RoboColum(n) Level 5
                                              Umm! If all you are doing is linking to a PDF then it does does like a sledgehammer is being used to crack a nut. Admittedly you are using an old version that I haven't used in years but could you not just link to the PDF using a hyperlink?