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    Possibly weird inquiry: Javascript vs. Actionscript for AIR devs?


      Apologies if this isn't in the proper forum section; was having trouble locating where it might go.


      Here's the short of it: I'm a javascript developer with an extensive history in web design. Javascript is, and always has been, my language of choice for user interactions in the browser.


      Naturally, I was enthralled to find that Adobe AIR supports javascript as well as actionscript. This means a whole world of exciting new HTML5 technologies, such as game development using WebGL and the canvas element, are open to me.


      However, I seem vastly outnumbered in the AIR community as a JS dev. Documentation about AIR development in JS is scarce, especially when compared to AS documentation. I didn't even see any release notes mentioning JS in the recent AIR 2.7 release.


      My questions are as follows:


      1.) Is javascript as worthwhile a language for AIR development as actionscript? Why or why not?

      2.) Is there any danger of Adobe dropping support for javascript within AIR in future updates?


      I do not consider myself a Flash (or Flex) developer and don't have much desire to become one. However, if support for javascript in AIR is waning, maybe I should begin studying it.


      Thanks for any tips/advice.

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          Joe ... Ward Level 4

          It is pretty unlikely that AIR will drop support for JavaScript development through Webkit. But it is, currently, only supported on desktop platforms, not the mobile platforms.


          Also, JavaScript and ActionScript are pretty closely related. Probably the biggest difference is class-based inheritance vs prototype chains. You can do both in ActionScript. So even outside of Webkit, you could code ActionScript in a JavaScript style. It would execute more slowly, though, since types allow the Flash runtime to optimize many operations.