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    Embedding fonts

    Catherine Asaro Level 1

      I'm a bit confused about embedding fonts. I have Flash CS5, which the help files say automatically embeds fonts.  But then the files go on to describe how to embed fonts, as if it needs to be done.  Do I need to embed fonts for files made with Flash CS5?


      The reason I ask is that when I replace text fonts in the template I'm modifying, the font changes its appearance, even though it says it is the same font as the one that came with the template.  The font is Tahoma regular 11pt.


      I tried embedding the Tahoma font, but I'm not sure I'm using the embed process correctly.  For one thing, it doesn't seem to have many fonts you can embed. Tahoma isn't listed.  When I enter text, it looks awful -- low resolutions, bad justification, ragged edges.


      I have a MacBook Pro running leopard.


      Than you for any help you can give.


      Best -- Catherine

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          Rothrock Level 5

          Not sure what the problem is. Whenever some one mentions a "template" I'm always very suspicious that the problems could be coming from that!


          And yes. Static textfileds automatically embed the font(s) that are in the field. But it only embeds the characters actually used in that specific textfield. Try it out when publishing with a size report and you can see the fonts and characters.


          If you are using a combination of static and dynamic textfields then you might want to go in and add the rest of the characters using the options in the embed dialog.


          As for not having a lot of fonts. Pretty much every font on my machine shows up in the embed dialog — including even the crazy unicode ones.

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            Catherine Asaro Level 1

            I'm new enough to Flash that I don't fully understand what you wrote above. Is a static textfield one in which letters remain stationary? And by the characters actually used in the specified textfield, do you mean the characters I enter or the ones already there? In other words, if I enter letters that weren't used for that field in the template (eg, my name instead of the generic name), will they all be embedded?


            I'm not sure embedding is the problem. I think I've done it. At least, Tahoma 11pt is now one of the fonts listed in the embed menu when I bring it up.


            But the font looks awful. It is supposedly the same one as in the template, but it doesn't look the same. The size, resolution, and spacing are all bad, whereas in the template they look nice. It doesn't happen until I actually go into an element in Flash and change text. It essentially seems to "reset" the text to a new font that looks bad and doesn't space out properly.


            Thanks for any help you can give me with this!


            Best -- Cat