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    Flash Builder Burrito 'unable to resolve ... for transcoding' error css file




      I am trying to dip my toes into the waters of mobile development with the preview release of flash builder burrito.


      I am doing so by trying to port over an application I have built in Flash Builder 4 for the web, by bringing it into a mobile app piece by piece, using the view stack struture peculiar to mobile apps.


      I am haivng an issue with my untouched css file that I am trying to use in the app. It's a direct copy from the other app in the same directory structure and yet I have declarations of embedded images of the form:

      .topLogo {
          url: Embed(source="assets/images/header-logo.png");


      Which continually cause:

      unable to resolve '/assets/css/assets/images/header-logo.png' for transcoding     Flex Style Problem




      It is drving me utterly nuts. The images are there, and if I change the path to an invalid one I get a proper error in the editor, so it IS resolving them, but then these transcoding errors come up and seem to be triggering repeatedly as the problems pane keeps taking the focus away from the editor.


      It's driving me nuts.


      Anyone know if I've missed something?