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    How to build a sorting image game


      I'm trying to design a simple tutorial for a cookie recipe. I would like there to be an interactive component to the tutorial, where the learner sorts images of the ingredients out into two categories: "wet" or "dry" and is then scored on their accuracy (and given a hint as to why an ingredient might be one category but not the other).


      I've used Flash CS4 before, but only for simple things (making a UFO spin across a city skyline), and it's been several months, at least. I just got CS5 with Catalyst recently, and I'm hoping it can help make the process easier.


      Does anyone have any ideas for how I might go about building something like this?

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Thanks for taking the time to look at Catalyst. For project like this you are going to have to write some ActionScript for the various interactions, scoring, help, etc. Flash Catalyst is really meant to be a design tool for projects that will be built with Flash Builder and not with Flash Professional. So something like this, I would suggest that you stay with Flash Professional for this project. You are still going to have to write some code, but I suspect that you will find plenty of examples of how to do it.


          But don't get me wrong, you create a project like that within Flash Builder as well, but it might appear to be more complex to develop than from within Flash Professional.