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    Comments are unreadable in 10.0.1 when Accessibility prefs set to white-on-black color sheme


      When adding comments to a highlight or sticky note in Reader X 10.0.1 (Win XP), the text color changes to reflect the Accessibility color scheme, but the background of the comments pop-up does not, neither does the background of the comments list pane.  This means that if Reader X is configured to use white text on a black background, comments are entered as white text, which become then impossible to read in their unchanged white backgrounds.


      So - the solution would seem to be one of the following options:

      1.  Allow text color to be an option in comment preferences, not just font and size.

      2.  Apply the background color set in the accessibility preferences to the comments windows and comments pane.


      (I commonly use white text on a black background to reduce eye strain when using Reader for long periods on an LCD monitor.)