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    Flex based Wysiwyg Editor

      Hi there

      Im new to flex, but im coding with PHP/MySQL since 2001 and will try to create a wysywig editor based on flex to manage website content in a backend.
      The RichTextEditor given by Flex looks really pretty, but there are some functions missing i have to add. What i need is a file and image upload and browser to add also images and link files in the Editor. It would be also a good feature to add tables.

      The plan is, to make this work with PHP/MySQL for the data handling.

      My first tests had shown me that its easy possible to add html-code like images in the RichRextEditor, but once inserted i dont have the possibility to access this image to set properties like size, border or also just delete it from the textarea.

      Does anybody know if would be better to create such an editor without the RichTextEditor given by flex? Maybe just with a TextArea? Or does maybe one of you got such an editor or is working on it?

      Any ideas based on this idea from the community?

      Thank you for a short response.