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    SWF embedded in PPT not playing back

      I'm new to Breeze, but very experienced with PPT and fairly experienced with Flash.
      When I import a SWF file (Flash player 8) it will playback happilty in PPT Slideshow, but does nothing when published in Breeze, either on my machine or over a server.
      I saw what looked like a workaround involving a dll file, but the link is gone now.
      I'm using Breeze 5.1.247.
      Any help would be hugely appreciated. . .I'm just starting what will be a huge job.
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          robva65 Level 2

          The problem you're experiencing has to do with your version of the Flash Player and publishing of Breeze content out of PowerPoint. A number (actually several dozen) threads have appeared in this forum because of playback performance issues. For some inexpicable reason, Adobe pulled the tech note as well as any references to the ppt2swf.dll file necessary to correct the problem.

          Several other users in this forum have provided links from their own sites to make the .dll file available to others who have had very minimal (if any) support from Adobe. If you send me an email or PM, I'll try to give you a hand with this. One thing you should be aware of however: if you're currently using build .247 of the plugin, it is very likely that another problem will arise. Namely, that when you publish your PPT deck, although the swf files will operate correctly, your notes will get all messed up. There's an easy fix for that as well, but it does require you to open and edit one of the .xml files to fix the problem. Again, not a big deal, just a little more homework to do.

          This, of course, should be superceded if you have technical support from Adobe. If you've recently purchased the plugin from them, contact Tech Support so that at least you'll have this problem documented.

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            This is a reply to your response to the post about swf embedded in PPT not playing back.

            I am using breeze build 5.1.269 and I am having the same problem. I am using Flash CS3 to convert to swf. Is there a work around to get my swf to play back when published.


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              robva65 Level 2

              The short answer is yes, but let's talk about some options...

              As a footnote to all of this, just understand that CS3 by default exports swf content for Flash Player version 9. So yes, you're going to experience the same series of problems that have been widely reported here about the very same issue.

              Although you could export flash files to earlier versions, that will only solve half the problem; you'd also have to backdate your flash player to version 8 before Adobe pushed the upgrade last year. Adobe had a page where you could download previous versions of the Flash Player here:


              Easier option: Adobe's Tech Note regarding the issue of the .dll file can be found here:


              Caveat: IF you opt to install the .dll file using build .269, there is another nasty bug you'll have to deal with. When you publish a deck that contains content in the notes section of PowerPoint, what you'll see is encoded text in the Notes Panel of your Breeze presentation. There's a fix for that as well, but it requires you to change an attibute in a line of code. What you'll need to do is open the viewer.xml doc that gets created after publishing. It can be found in the data directory. Then you'll need to find and replace every instance of isHTML="false" and set it to "true". Simply re-run your index.html file for the presentation and that should clear up the notes bug.


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                ewokerson Level 1


                That .DLL file worked wonders!

                I'm just suprised that there is such little adobe support on this matter when it seems like it would be something really common
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                  flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
                  Another thought on this:

                  If you do full motion recordings in captivate, they should be recorded at 1024 X 768 or smaller. If are recording a larger space, the full motion recordings tend to break down.