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    Automated saving of converted (CS in CS5) documents




      We are currently migrating our studio users (about 60 users) from an InDesign CS workflow to a CS5 workflow. We have a number of custom written workflow integration plug-ins that were written for us by an external developer in C++, the functionality of which we're trying to replicate using a combination of VBScript, ExtendScript and the APID toolkit. My current stumbling block is with the conversion and saving of documents. We present our users with a list of InDesign documents that are available for them to work on within our intranet. Clicking any of these links opens the corresponding file within their version of InDesign. These documents are currently CS documents. Opening them in CS results in the tab indicating that the document is "Converted" and choosing Save presents the user with a Save As dialog box. We'd like to avoid this.


      As far as I can see I have two options:


      1) Find a way that saves the document without any user interaction

      2) Pre process the files so that a script runs over the all the files in preperation for the new workflow.


      I haven't tried it yet but I believe that option 2 is going to present me with the same problems as option 1 and I won't be able to save the document. Does anyone know how to automate the conversion of documents from CS to CS5 in either of the ways I've suggested?


      We have a lot of flexibility and would be happy to investigate alternative solutions.


      Thanks in advance