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    index.php edit


      there is an index.php file in my root..if some one click on my home url,it redirect to http://emoneychat.com/index.php
      how to remove index.php file?????please help me...i am in a big trouble....i want to make a home page wwithout index.php fil

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          The index.php just put together the files and functions of your website to make it work. You cant remove that file.

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            nickentin Level 3

            Is there a certain reason that you do not want the index.php file?  You do not need to code in PHP to use a .php file.  The file can contain entirely HTML code without any problems.  The only difference is that .php allows you to add extra capabilities if you need to.  It would be best to just leave the .php instead of using a .html file.



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              You need an index .  That may be index.htm, .html or .php but you need one.


              Look in the index.php for either a require() or include().  There will be a file name in the ().  There will be a file name.  Look in that file and the redirect target will be shown there.(possibly).


              Now decide what to change.  You may want to just comment out the php code that brings in the redirect.  This would work well if only the redirect target were in the included file.  But if other things are there, you need to be more surgical with the removal.



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                there is no problem...


                you mean that you don't want your url go to index.php, just go to index.html


                please log in to your hosting server, please rename your index.php to other name you want it such as oldindex.php


                after that your url will fine.




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