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    Problems installing Digital Editions


      Have been going crazy trying to install Digital Editions.  I have tried the quick fixes.  Uninstalling and using the alternative installation method.  Still get the error message CUS 05051 incorrect log in and can't get any futher

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          It may not be a question of the software.  Let me make an assumption:

          Windows PC


          First, when you uninstall ADE, you really need to empty the TRASH folder,

          because ADE will search for certain files when it installs, and if it sees

          those files in the TRASH folder, it will reactivate them.


          ADE also checks with its parent site, Adobe.com, to validate your Adobe ID

          and password during its install.  My guess is that there is a difference

          between what it sees in its files and what is on the Adobe website, and the

          authorization for your computer.  Try logging into Adobe.com and see if you

          can do that before you re-install ADE.  I won't guarantee that it will work,

          but it won't hurt to try....  And if it doesn't work, I'd call Adobe Tech

          Support with your error code.