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    How do I publish Android APK files from CS5?


      As far as I can understand you need three things to be able to publish Android APK files from CS5:


      1. Air 2.5 or greater (I've downloaded and installed 2.7 beta)

      2. Android SDK (I've downloaded and installed)

      3. Flash CS5 Android Extension (NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE)


      That's right, the last thing you need is no longer available because Adobe is rolling it into the next Flash version. So because I didn't get in on the prerelease with the extension...I'm just out of luck? That can't be right. How do you create APK files from CS5 when you can't get the extension? All of the tutorials out there for creating Android content from CS5 use this simple extension that seems to make everything so easy. What is Adobe's answer for creating APKs out of CS5 if you weren't part of the prerelease? They don't have the extension available anymore so there must be a way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.