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    Error in Adobe Reader 7


      I'm designing a form in LiveCycle Designer ES version 8. I have specified that it should be able to be filled in by people using Adobe Reader 6 and above.


      When I open it using Adobe Reader 7, The following error comes up:


      Bad value: ‘designer__defaultWidowOrphanSettings.para of the ‘use attribute of ‘para element’. Default will be used instead.


      This only occurs when I put my mouse in a Text field (not check-boxes, drop-downs etc). When I click OK, it allows me continue but the same error comes up each time I start completing a text field. I can't expect my users to click OK 20 time to fill in my form!


      Everything is OK in Adobe Reader 9.


      Please help!

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          pguerett Level 6

          You have targetted version 6 but your form has features that beyind that version. The Widow Orphan functionality only came in version 8 I think. I woudl question why you are targetting 6.0.2 as that version is no longer supported can you at least update it to version 7?


          If you look in the report tab it will describe areas where you have added functionality beyond the target versions capabilities.



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            GlennSuth Level 1



            That's really useful. Thanks very much.


            I have taken your advice and only targetted v7 and above. It turned out all

            I had to do was delect the widow/orphan box in the properties.


            Thanks again.


            Glenn Sutherland