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    dock floating toolbar permanently in my browser


      I would like to dock the floating toolbar permanently so that when I open a pdf in my browser I just have the toolbars and do not have to click on a floating one to get it out of the way.  Is there a way to do this?



      Soapbox Rant:

      It is a most annoying view, this very large obnoxious bar always popping in and out in the middle of my documents.  It is also an enhancement to carpal tunnel syndrome.  It is quite obvious that developers (not only of Reader X) have come up with a new way to increase our workload or have no concept of that an extra drag and mouseclick is repetitious work.  At least they did not go as far as Microsoft to force us to look at a huge ribbon that sucks up valuable screen space with features no one mostly uses.  Where has the concept of simple user interface control being in the hands of the user gone?