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    Help- How do I Make a High Resolution Gif in Flash?


      I tired posting this in the Flash section so sorry if you saw this already, this is just driving me bananas and I'd like to get it handled.



      First off I'm a noob at Flash so beware.


      So I've been surfing the net trying to find a way to get a 100% resolution from Flash to Gif and can't find it.


      Here is the deal, I've got Adobe CS5 and I started doing animation in photoshop. It took forever but once I got it done it looked awesome and I could easily transfer it into a gif via 'save for web and devices".


      Because it was taking forever I decided to learn flash and after a day I got the basics pretty much figured out and made my first .swf file. I then went to turn it into a Gif and the resolution sucked and the timing was off. I found out that you can clean it up a bit through Publish settings which helped a lot but still any gradients are off.


      Is there a way to get a high resolution gif out of Flash to look as good as my photoshop animation gif?


      Thanks in advance.



      Done in photoshop (click to view):       Done in Flash (click to view) :

      Hi-Res Gif.gif       Crap Gif.gif

      If this is really the case, then that would be pretty lame of adobe to allow for Photoshop to out do Flash.