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    Not communicating with ps.com

    OhioHick Level 1

      I also posted this on the photoshop.com forum.


      This started last night.  I am unable to access my images/albums from photoshop.com using photoshop express on my Andriod.  I recieve the following error:


      Error loading albums.

      An error occurred while communication with the Photoshop.com server.


      Any idea as to what the problem is?  I was able to connent to Photoshop.com via the internet on the phone, just not photoshop express.



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          bshowalt Level 1

          Sorry to hear you are having trouble connecting to Photoshop.com via Photoshop Express.


          On occasion, the Photoshop.com server can get out of sync with Photoshop Express. If you're still having a problem here I would suggest the following:

          Launch Photoshop Express and go to Menu>More>Settings

          Log out of Photoshop.com

          Quit Photoshop Express

          Relaunch Photoshop Express and log back into Photoshop.com


          Hopefully following the steps above should resolve the issue. Please let us know.