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    New video card for Premiere not working right? Mac performance help.


      I've just purchased a GTX-285 to replace the GeForce GT 120 on my Mac Pro, thinking that I would see a big performance bump in premiere, but I have not noticed any changes.  If anything, I'm having more issues like the viewer window not updating, jerky, stuttered playback and it crashes almost every time when I try to render.  I'm working on a project with 5DII H.264 files with some graphics overlaid with basic animation and the occasional after effects rendered movie on the timeline and I have my playback settings at 1/4 resolution and It still wont play back without stutter.  I also have paused resolution set to Full, but it continues to only show 1/4.  I've installed the latest CUDA drivers as well as the GTX-285 drivers. Mercury GPU acceleration is on.  Is there something I'm missing?  Is this normal?  Is there a way to test the card to see if it has a problem?  I expected much better results coming from the GT 120, I certainly didn't expect to get worse results.


      Late 2009 Mac Pro Quad Core 2.93

      12gb Ram

      OS 10.6.7

      Premiere 5.0.3

      23" Cinema Display

      2 Disk Raid

      Cuda 3.2.17



      Thank you for any help!!