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    When using Share function, all videos have black bars at top and bottom


      Hi all,

      I originally posted this in the Captivate 4 forum until I realized the problem I'm having is in PrE7. When I use the Share function, all my video clips have a top and bottom black horizontal bar. I've imported my video via firewire into PrE7, and as far as I can tell there shouldn't be anything to confuse PrE7 that this is a 4:3 clip, as I'm choosing that parameter on start up. Video looks fine in PrE7, but I'm noticing this when I import the video into Captivate 4, where the FLV is playing over a light background and I can see these bars that look like letterbox. I've tried a few different codecs when in the Share function and while different codecs have different degrees of how much of the black bars are showing, I can't seem to find one that displays no black bars. Is this a simple setting I'm missing somewhere? Thanks in advance for your help. (fyi - I removed my post in the Captivate forum).