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    Changed hue and desaturation when opened in RAW. Help!




      I saw this has been touched on before and it's a problem I've been trying to figure out for almost two years now, so any help would be massively appreciated.


      I use a Canon 400D, with sRGB setting. I get the image exactly as I want it in the camera, and it looks the same when I preview it on my laptop, but as soon as I open it in RAW (in CS4 - also set to sRGB 8 bit), or select 'develop' in Lightroom, the image changes hue and washes out. It's especially bad with red hues, which turn orangey-green. It effectively ruins the shots I worked so hard for and I waste hours in RAW just trying to get it back to the original with little success. When I shoot in JPEG (which I'd rather never do) then the colours remain faithful. What's going on? :S



      colours in raw.jpg

      Left: Image in camera, in windows preview and Lightroom preview on laptop. Right: Image when opened in RAW or after selecting 'Develop' in Lightroom.