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    synchronizing animated scale between two tracks

    PaulFAubin Level 1



      I have two versions of the same image. They are each on a different video track. I start the clip zoomed in 100% on the center of the image. I am animating the scale to zoom out over time to reveal that this image is just one of many in a collage. When I start off, I have a high resolution image of just a small portion of the overall image since I am zoomed in so close to start. As i zoom out, the resolution is less important, so I switch to a lower res image underneath. I have gotten them aligned correctly to start.


      My issue is, that as I zoom out, I want to vary the speed and smoothness of the zoom but I am having difficulty keeping the two clips (high res and low res) lined up and scaling propotionately. Is there a way to lock there scaling together and just use one key frame curve to control the scaling of both togther?


      Thank you very much.