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    HDV Capture Problem Canon GL2


           Just upgraded from an older miniDV JVC camcorder to a brand new Canon GL2.  I used to capture with my JVC straight into PPro CS3 using the FireWire cable.  I am unable to capture from the new GL2 with the FireWire cable.  I have tried setting up the project with every possible preset, and made sure in the capture options it was set to HDV (also tried just DV to no avail).


           I'm not sure this is necessarily a PPro problem.  But maybe someone could help.  It seems as though the computer itself is not recognizing the camera connected via FireWire.  When I plug in the old JCV and turn it on, I am prompted with a box asking me if I want to edit and record using PPro. When I do the same with the new GL2 nothing happens at all, no box pops up, no familiar sound of it recognizing the device.  Is there something I'm missing here? Do I need to update my FireWire card?  It seems as though capturing the HDV footage would be a simple processes and this is driving me crazy because i cant quite figure out what to do.


           Any help would be greatly appreciated.