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    Instances in Saved forms


      We have a form with an expanding text text field. The form uses the .instancemanager to allow the user to add additional instances of this field. Everything works fine, but say you create 4 instances for this field, then save and close the document. When you open it back up it only shows the original instance. If you hit the add button to add additional instances the information you had typed is there, so it's obviously being stored when you save the form. Is there a way to have these instances automatically re-created when the form is opened again?


      I would be happy to upload the form or paste any information needed here, so you can see what I am talking about if needed.



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          pguerett Level 6

          It sounds like the state of the form is not being saved. If you open the form in Designer and under the File/Form Properties/Defaults there is a radio button for

          "Preserve Scripting changes to form when saved" make sure this is set to Automatically and try it again.



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            USPO Level 1



            Thanks, I checked that setting, it is currently set to automatic, so I am unsure why it is not saving the scripting changes. I will continue looking, I may even reinstall LiveCycle, perhaps there is something corrupt with the installation, unless you have any other suggestions on why it isn't saving them?



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              pguerett Level 6

              I doubt that it is the LiveCycle installation so don't bother reinstalling. Can you post the form to LiveCycle8@gmail.com and I wil have a look? Please include a description of the issue in the email.