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    Reader on USB


      We are a medical device company.  We are distributing our manuals in PDF format on USB.  We have received permission from  Adobe to do this.  The challenge is more of a technical query.   Our manuals come in 15 different languages.  From a regulatory standpoint we have to assume that not everybody has reader or internet access.  (Silly I know)  I.E. we have to provide it.  Reader handles multi languages.  I.E. It can read German, French, etc.


      The challenge is the actual installation of reader.  Right now we have to include the reader installer for each language on the USB thumb drive.  This is so if you have a person that cannot read English they could install using German/Polish/French version.


      Is there a way, or any tools, that allow Reader to run directly off the USB?  Then the patients would just have to open the manual in their native language and not worry about the actual reader installation.


      Thanks for the feedback

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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Reader needs to be resident on your system to run. Won't run off of a USB.


          What I would do personally is, instead of supplying an installer for Reader in all the languages, I would think about including a Readme file that has a link to the Adobe site in whatever languages you need.


          Also think about it this way. You supply the installer, someone that has very little knowledge of computers tries to install it and goofs up (it happens), who are they going to blame? You can add a disclaimer to the readme file to cover yourself at least.