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    PP BenchMark about 29th (?) but 5 timelines stutter/freeze


      Dell Precision 5520, quad core, single Xeon CPU @ 2.26Ghz, 12Gb Ram, NVIDA Quadro 3800, 2x WD caviar black 7,200, Vista 64.

      (JUST posted this then found PPBM5! will see if that can give any pointers.)


      Hi all,  Mostly I shoot concerts with 5 cameras giving me these codecs: DVCProHDx2, HDV, AVCHDx2.   I put them all on a DVCProHD 720p timeline and PPro does a magnificent job of just letting me get on and edit until I place the 4th or sometimes 5th timelines.  I can still continue but then some clips will eventully freeze at which point I close and restart PPro and all okay again but only until the next frozen clip.


      I was excited to find Bill and Harm's fantastic PPBM4 programme and completed it.  I do not have yet the Relative Performance Index score but my machine ranked 29th on Total Time  (14.8 export AVI; 13.2 encode MPEG; 6.0 render timeline).  Since the last table update was July 2010, I suspect that the Mercury Engine may have something to do with my scores, and that I will be a good deal much further down the list when it is next updated. 


      Economics means I am trying to upgrade to specifically help editing more smoothly with 5 HD timelines and mixed codecs.  (I am happy with render times.) I have studied the PPM4 chart but cannot determine quite where to put my finger.   The upgrade choices seem to be:


      add a second 2.26CPU, add another say 12Gb RAM,  use Windows 7, 64 (Would this be hugely noticeable?).  maybe a faster HD - say edit on SSD for each single concert edit?  (then to archive).


      I am thinking maybe more RAM, as maybe this would stop having to fetch from the HD so often, but I really don't know enough about how it works.


      Could anybody hazard a suggestion as to where I should spend money first?  (I will upgrade everything eventually, but need the biggest buck banger right now.)


      If you've taken the trouble to read this far, many thanks.  I have read most everything Harm has to say in the Hardware Forum, but I am no expert and have not been able to pinpoint my issue yet, so many thanks, especially if you have a (polite) suggestion!




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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          If you could run the PPBM5 test and submit your results, I can still add your data to the update I will make today, because of a lot of new submissions.


          PPBM5 does require the full version of CS5, and you are out of luck if you use CS4. A total time of 34.0 seconds in PPBM4 is not very promising if you have CS5 and MPE on. The 14.2 score on the AVI test can mean that your disk setup is not optimal and may be the cause of the stuttering.


          PS. Too late now for todays update. Already added another 15 entries.