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    ProRes 4444 Gamma Shift Elimination on OS X Snow Leopard

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      My workflow is Premiere Pro -> After Effects -> Premiere Pro -> QuickTime 7 (For Controlling purposes)


      The following has been driving me nuts:


      I load off a Canon5DMKII.MOV file from the card reader to the Hard Drive.

      The I transcode that MOV into ProRes4444.

      After doing so I open both in the QuickTime7 player.

      And they DONT match. (Only if using compressor to transcode(Other Story))


      Now I know that all you with the ProRes Codec also have this QuickTime7 preference:

      'Enable Final Cut Studio color compatibility' and you (like me probably had it checked)


      THIS is what is causing all the havoc.


      It is IMPERATIVE that you UN-CHECK that preference BEFORE trans/En-Coding.

      And it is IMPERATIVE that you RE-CHECK it after doing so...


      Here is the workflow that translates into perfect Color/Gamma display when comparing transcoding to original source


      01: Open QuickTime7 and go into Preferences

      02: Make Sure that 'Enable Final Cut Studio color compatibility' is UN-CHECKED

      03: Open Adobe Media Encoder

      04: Drag your .MOV into its work area

      05:Click the preset to open up all the settings

      06: From Format > Select QuickTime

      07: Disregard the Preset offered to you in the Preset Drop Down Menu

      08: Click the Video Tab and under Video Codec select: Apple ProRes 4444

      09: Click Codec Settings and set Gamma Correction to NONE (I have yet to see what this options actually does)

      10: You can set the QUALITY slider where ever you like... It has NO effect on the output. Wonder why adobe put it there

      11: I trust you know how to set the width, height FR, FT & Aspect to match your output

      12: Check 'Render at Maximum Bit Depth' and click the 64 bit radio button (I dont know what it does and adobe as usual provides NO INFO)

      13: Click OK to leave the Export Settings

      14: Render your movie.

      15: Open your original Movie source and the transcoded one in QuickTime Player 7. Put them on top of each other to check colors.

      16: You will notice that the gamma doesn't match.... But here comes the rescue

      17: Open Quicktime preferences and CHECK 'Enable Final Cut Studio color compatibility'


      ET VOILA ----- The match perfectly...



      If FAILING to follow above workflow - meaning failing to uncheck 'Enable Final Cut Studio color compatibility' before encoding,

      your going to get a heart attack before that gamma matches...




      NB - You should NOTE... That in step 17 - enabling the 'Enable Final Cut Studio color compatibility' does NOT alter the transcoded file,

      it alters the Source. Making it darker.


      NBB - That preference 'Enable Final Cut Studio color compatibility' should NOT have ANY influence (at least to my knowledge) over

      how the file is encoded. But it DOES.... Failing to uncheck the 'Enable Final Cut Studio color compatibility' will result in a never matching

      transcode vs original...


      This whole scenario ONLY pertains to the quicktime player ! But then again... That is where a lot of folks WATCH their movies.

      At least I do.


      Hope this Helps

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          As I stated only the original MOV will be affected by the 'Enable Final Cut Studio color compatibility' preference.

          If one used compressor to convert to 4444 that transcoded file will ALSO be affected by that preference

          If one uses other encoder/transcoder like AME or MPEG Streamclip those files will NOT be affected.


          I think I know why.....


          In the OS X Finder, select your original movie and also one converted to 4444 via Compressor,

          hit command-i to open the information window. Below General you will find More Info... Un-hatch the arrow (if not already)

          and look at the 'Color Profile'...... property.


          It says: HD (1-1-1) when encoded to 4444 via Compressor

          It says: (1-1-6) when checking the original coming from the canon

          THAT 'Color Profile' property is simply NOT there on Adobe Media Encoder - encoded files.....


          Look at the following screen shot....





          Seems as if adobes encoder just voids that entry... Or what do I know ?????

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            Another funny thing....


            If compressing to 4444 via Apples Compressor and I open the file in a Hex Editor and scroll to the bottom-end...

            I can see that Compressor has recognized the file as Canon 5D MK II... It even states what version of the Firmware

            was running as the movie was filmed.


            All that information is NOT present in the AME encoded file.