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    Looking for some advice on what to do now.

    mesogreat Level 1

      I've spent every free moment working between flash, fireworks and  illustrator for awhile now.  I've spent every evening after work working with lynda.com tutorials.  It's been great.  My goal was to learn all the basics of web site design.  I even created a  full thirty plus page layout in fireworks.  The problem is i feel stuck  now.  I don't see the apps playing nice with each other.  At least  when  it comes to exporting out the full site designs from one application to  the other.  I took an fxp file for example and brought it over from fireworks  to catalyst.  It looked all kinds of messed up.  The move from  fireworks to flash was less messed up but still unmanigable.  Complete  sections where screwed up.  So I'm wondering what proccess to use to  move from one app to the other.  Basicly to get all the elements you  need while not fubaring the layout.  Should I just do small things then export them to one of the apps.  I have no real idea on direction.  My goal is to take the website i've been developing in fireworks and add some small flash content between catalyst and regular flash.  I want to do all this while trying not to destroy what I spent months building in fireworks.  Any help woul be apriciated.

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Most web stes have three different page designs - Home page design, Content page design, and Feedback page design. The other pages are simply copies of one of those three. Therefore, when you design a site in Fireworks, it makes your job a whole lot easier to do just those three. They are not web ready pages. Just mockups. Those of us who have been doing web design for a while (12 years in my case) build the finished pages in Dreamweaver with image slices we have exported from Fireworks. Fireworks was never meant to be used as a WYSIWYG editor. I believe it is moving in that direction but has a way to go yet. Do yourself a favor and learn to use Dreamweaver as your homebase for Web development.

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            mesogreat Level 1

            Hi Linda and thank you for your responce.  I used DW  version four to create my first site a ways back.  It was so confusing and difficult to use.   I was trying to avoid using it again it for the most part.  I new there was going to be minor stuff I would have to use it for.  But you say if you learn DW then everything coming together would work better.  I had allot of issues with css coding also.  I know basic stuff but to really learn DW it's seems to be very coding entensive.  It made me actually step way for awhile.  I decided to come back to try the more design esq type of apps for web site building.  I didnt realize they all seem to come back to DW in the end.  I've invested to much time to not keep going.   So it looks like I have allot of frustrating DW nights ahead of me.

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              Linda Nicholls Level 4

              There's a Dreamweaver lesson set at Lynda.com called Creating a First Website with Dreamweaver CS5 that makes it all seem so simple.  It's worth spending the $25 on.

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                pixlor Level 4

                You might try this tutorial for an idea of how HTML and CSS work together:

                http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/html-css-techniques/design-and-code-your-first-website-i n-easy-to-understand-steps/

                The author uses Photoshop for the graphics, but Fireworks does just fine.


                You don't build Web pages/sites with applications. You build them with code. (Or else you copy-paste your text into a template at some Web host. But if that's what you wanted, you wouldn't be here. )

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                  mesogreat Level 1

                  I just got them both.  Thanks allot for the two of you taking the time to help me on what I should be doing next.