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    no sdk classes refernce in flex project


      I import an old flex project A into Flash Builder 4 and uses sdk 3.5. When I edit mxml file, there's no code assist of those fundamental sdk classes. I goto project explorer and expand flex 3.5 tree & try expanding all *.swc subtrees but there's no classes under any of them. But I can still build it & run it (with only serveral warnings).

      This old flex project is once created under Flex Builder and uses sdk 3.4. I open it under FB3 and things are ok.

      My another project B (also uses sdk 3.5) works fine under FB4, though.

      What's wrong with my FB4 or this project A? Has anyone experienced this phenomena before?


      I ask this question @ stackoverflows.com, too, please check this url: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5575761/no-sdk-classes-refernce-in-flex-project



      EDIT:I find the problem cause. I've included two .swc files (ErrorMsg.swc and Loading.swc) under libs folder. If I remove them, then sdk classes appear under subtrees. But I don't have swf files of those 2 .swc files since they're from other resources. Does anyone know the theory that could cause this problem?



      EDIT: I fix it. the 2 swc files are originally under libs/swc folder. I first move them up to parent folder (i.e. libs) and close, then reopen project. FB4 will issuecan't open swc folder error. I right click 'Refernced Library' node in project explorer and select 'property'. Then I delete the lib/swc SWC folder and click 'ok'. Now FB4 will popup a warning dialog saying project will be upgraded to newer version, old FB (i.e. FB3 or earlier) can't open them furthermore. No worry, I've backup original project folders. After I click 'OK'. SDK classes work normal and also I can refer to these 2 3rd-party swc files.